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          Producers of Fine Polymer Flutes


Michael Cronnolly started out making his M&E African Blackwood, Bloodwood and Rodewood flutes in his garden shed. Over the years he has moved beyond woods and has developed designs and processes for making Irish style flutes using durable polymer materials. He and his wife Evelyn now specialise in producing polymer flutes. The very first M&E Flute which was made by hand by Michael Cronnolly. The wood used was recycled from the wheel of a horse-drawn carriage made from oak. The crafting process for the early flutes was very much trial and error. The oak wheel spokes were drilled with a long handle auger. The inside taper was made with a steel rod covered with sandpaper. The flute was then crafted by hand into two pieces. Copper piping was used for the head joint liner.

Based on his own design Michael started producing the M&E Rundle and Rose flutes in blackwood and rosewood by hand. As demand grew he bought a Myford Lathe and designed tapered reamers to speed up the production process. Originally all flutes were made from blackwood or rosewood. Having experimented with Polymer as a less expensive and more environmentally friendly option, Michael discovered the sound was equal or superior to wood. The flutes were more durable and could be offered at a much better price. It was not long until the flutes were in big demand with numerous orders from all over the world and super online reviews.


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