All M&E Polymer Flutes use a full brass liner in the head joints and tuning slide. The D and Eb flutes are 5 piece and the F flute is a 4 piece. All keyless flutes come with a soft case and all keyed flutes come with a hard case. The rings are steel and will never lose their shine. The keyed Deluxe comes with a brass liner, brass keys and brass rings. These are all then chrome plated and engraved.


The polymers used by M&E are almost indestructible even under extreme temperatures and humidity

Lifetime Guarantee

The flutes will last a lifetime with virtually no maintenance

Easy to Play

They are easier to play and give a consistently better tone


They are easily transportable with little risk of damage

Never Crack

They will never crack like a wooden flute and joints will always stay in place

No Oil

It is not necessary to oil them or keep them cool

Stays in Tune

The inherent uniformity and dimensional stability of polymers mean that M&E flutes perform consistently and stay in tune under all playing conditions

Cost Effective

Polymer flutes are considerably 

lower in cost than wooden flutes

Perfect for Beginners

M&E polymer flutes are especially well suited to beginners, students, and younger players.

Durable & Consistent

Durability, consistency, and the excellent sound and range of these flutes insure that the student's progress is not limited by an inferior "beginner" instrument.

M&E Polymer Flutes are crafted from polymer rod stock. Tools and techniques used to make our polymer flutes are essentially identical to those used for hardwood flutes.

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