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Looking After Your Flute

When you get your flute, if the joints are hard put together put a little vaseline or lipase on the joints, try not to get the grease on the flute as this will make it sticky. When you put the cork joints together, twist each piece and the same when you take it apart, just a little twist.  Take flute apart at the joints, not at the tuning slide as this will ware the slide. No need to take off the foot joint.

When you are at home leave the flute together on a level place out of harm's way, this will save the cork joints. Tune the flute to A. When you have finished playing, blow the flute out, put your fingers on the finger holes, your lips on the embouchure hole and blow.

If your flute has a soft case, the parts with the rings on them must be put in the pockets of the case, this will save scratching.

The rings on the deluxe flute are engraved copper Chrome-plated rings, try not to scratch those rings. Rings on all other flutes are steel rings and will not loose there shine, these rings will not scratch. The flute is tuned to A so it is ready to play


Michael & Evelyn.

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